2020 Ford GT With 1,000HP For $54,995

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By Dave Ashton

If you’ve not asked Santa for anything specific as yet, then this 2020 Ford GT With 1,000HP could be a nice little stocking filler. Lebanon Ford, Ohio who have release some tasty value packages in the past, have put together ‘project M’ which starts with a 300a Mustang GT, performance pack level 1 and a 10R80 automatic transmission.

To whip up the horsepower levels, customers have a range of choices, starting with either a Whipple 3.0 Gen 5 Supercharger or a D1X stage 2 Procharger. A Fore innovation double pump fuel system, Palm beach dyno Ngauge, 93/E85 custom tune and all the necessary bits to handle the power such as fuel injectors, front heat exchanger and cooler thermostat. If e85 is not your preference, then the car can be tweaked to run on 93 octane, which cuts the power down to 800HP. We all have to make sacrifices somewhere….

The other side benefit is that the dealership will also work with a regular manual Mustang GT, without the performance Pack, making the total package come in at $49,995. Without the performance Pack, you will have to address areas such as the brakes, to handle all that power. But, the dealership seems to have most bases covered, which means that additional items can be easily fitted. These also include upgraded billet oil pump gears, an improvement over the regular ones found in the Coyote V8 and an optional drag package which includes things like upgraded suspension, wheels/tires and a carbon fiber driveshaft.

There’s the obvious option of buying all the bits itself. But, at least with this route everything is put together by an authorized Ford dealer and although there isn’t a powertrain warranty due to the customised nature, the peace of mind with this route and the competitive price should be a winner.

You can check out more about the package and its intricacies from the link below.

Find out more information here.


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