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The Joys Of Muscle Car Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

Few things in my life get me as excited as seeing a classic fast muscle car on the back of a trailer. I have been through all the ups and downs of this business and yet when I see a car being hauled down the road like this one I get all excited.

I get excited because I know someone is going to tear this baby down and rebuild it probably better than new. How can I say better than new? Easy, today’s paint jobs are better than they were in 1970 by a long shot. Fit and finish believe it or not was not the top priority back then. I have seen many Mustangs, Camaro’s and Mopar’s new back in the day that the fit and finish was not that good and we accepted it. Today, when we restore we want the fit and finish to be perfect. We want the paint to look like it is still wet. We are very picky today on our restorations and I like that. Sure, it’s easier if the door does not fit 100 percent just to say that is the way it was and get away with it. But, no we want them right the second time around. Maybe the third or fourth time if that is what it takes.

Yesterday I went to see a guy about storing my classics for the next winter. It turns out I knew the owner of the storage facility and he invited me back into his cave where he keeps his hidden collection. The only thing he asked me not to do was take pictures. I agreed but I never found out why. I guess he wants his privacy.
But, he showed me four older Mopar’s that were now covered up. They were all restored some ten years ago and they were clearly better than what they were back in the early 60’s. It made me realize the point I made in this story. If you don’t believe me go to a car show and take a very hard look the next time and you will understand. The products we use today to restore are the best and the people that do the work generally are very well versed. Ever see a guy use an English wheel by hand to make a fender? It will be better than store bought every time if he or she is truly a craftsman. Just look closer next time and really appreciate the workmanship.

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