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The Dino Owned By Elvis

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By Mark Weisseg

I was in Memphis recently eating great ribs, watching the action on Beale Street and of course visiting Graceland.

This is a picture of a 1975 Dino Ferrari owned by Elvis. He is known as a Caddy guy of course and is known to have given away over 100 cars in his short life. I was interested in this car because we all saw him riding in limo’s or possibly a full dresser Harley. But, in 1976 he bought a used Dino and made one payment of just over twenty grand.

This is a fast car my friends. It’s the only fast car I could find in his collection so it fits nicely here. Turns out the King liked going fast.
In her book, Elvis and Ginger, Ginger Alden Leyser discusses Elvis, a bodyguard and herself racing down the streets of Memphis in the middle of the night. She stated in her book the police looked the other way as he tore up and town the streets. Now, Ginger would know as she was the fiancé of Elvis at the time of his death. She mentions other cars and bikes in her book but the Dino was one fast car. And let us not forget our web site. Fast muscle cars. We know the Dino is fast but is it muscle?

What is our definition of muscle? Well, from what I gather muscle is faster than another. So, the Dino fits in even though it’s not a Detroit big three. Turns out Elvis did not drive it much but when he did it was white knuckle fever for those not behind the wheel. Sound familiar? How many of your passengers reach for the invisible brake while you are driving? The big difference between life with Elvis and his Dino is he never got pulled over. You and I….well, we get pulled over. It’s good to be a King.


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