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Is a Muscle Car Ever Too Far Gone?

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By Mark Weisseg

The picture says it all in that this car may be too far gone. Or is it?

Would you restore the car in this post?. I would assume most of us regular class car guys would say the car has life left so obviously let us restore it. Easy to say and the end result would be great. The hard part however is who is willing to make this a two to four year project and spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get there.

I know most of you want to buy a car already done to avoid what I stated above. I mean who has the space, money, and talent to take on this monster project? Not many I guess but like any other things the select few have the means.

I would like to have the space to take a special project such as this one. Nothing soothes the soul better than taking something from zero to a finished product.

We see little children do it for a school project. They start out with a piece of cardboard, string, some spray paint, and some cotten. They work so hard in the evening putting the pieces together and when they are finished they are so proud. Yes, they need to show everyone they planned, and worked, and finally designed a cardboard mouse trap. You praise them and they are so proud.

Now take that scenario of this classic project. You will need to plan, design, and get others to help but in the end your project makes you proud.

So, yes this project is worth the effort. Even when others told you that you might be over your head. You forged on, you worked late into the evening, gave up going to a birthday party or other such event for the Cuda. Endless hours, seemingly endless money, but the day will come that you will be as proud as the children who built the cardboard mouse trap.

Take the challenge or the car will go to a crusher and be forever gone. Original once is the slogan and your driving force. I urge you to take the challenge and your hard work will be rewarded in ways only you will understand.

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