How To Make A Grown Man Cry: Steal His Ride For A Week!

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This is a cruel to be very kind scenario.
On this episode of Overhaulin‘ on Velocity, this lucky guy has his beloved Dodge Challenger RT converted from a car needing some restoration, into one of the best restomods you have ever seen.

The owner of the Dodge Challenger, James is put through a little mental torture for the week where the show pretend to have stolen the car with no hopes of return.
His wife is in on the trick and keeps relaying back how James has been moping for the week, crying and essentially acting like a loved one has died.
His worries come to an end when he is presented with the best restomod available. Essentially, if you could take a muscle car in need of some restoration and fit it out with the best parts available, this is somewhere near what James received.

One of the points of this episode I think is to show how emotionally attached people do get to their muscle cars.
These are not just chunks of metal with an engine. They have history, emotional attachment, even part of the family.
This is the whole point of these cars. They are not just a vehicle, they are not just even a hobby or project, they are interwoven into people’s lives and almost a living diary of people’s past.

Definitely worth watching.

Here is another Chip Foose built Dodge Challenger, presumably inspired by the green Challenger.
Which one would you choose?

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