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Why Hot Rods Cost So Much

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By Mark Weisseg

This Model A was being sold for the tidy sum of $8,500 or best offer. Now, I own an original Model A and it looks much better than this and I have less money in it.

Now, the big difference between this A and mine is this is a so called hot rod. I see a bigger engine and I see some chrome pipes. But I also see a hacked up windshield, a badly rusted body, and some handy work that I hope never goes mainstream.

So, is it worth the 8,500? Never in my book as I know my cars and trucks. I know engines and transmissions and after 40 years of this business I can clearly state that this is a very niche car. Meaning, someone’s version of what THEY like. If you bought this car I will lay odds you would not be happy as it sits. There are too many open items here such as a good interior, real glass for the sides and structurally you better take a hard look at all the welds. Welding is an art and a bad welder hides his bad work with bondo and primer.

I studied this car and blew it is as big as I could get it to look at the crappy tires and cheap wheels. So, how did this person come up with that figure? Clearly, they figured their labor into the minor parts use and to go for a big profit. If you were to buy this I would bet you would spend nearly the same amount fixing all the miscues and getting this rat rod road worthy and safe. The guy that does my restorations is my older brother. He knows safety is number one with me. I will forgo the fake chrome air cleaner and put my money into brakes and steering.

My point is clear. Do not let your emotions get ahead of you when you go for a rat rod or hot rod car that doesn’t look finished. Double check everything to ensure you are not buying a piece of junk made to look like a hot rod. Take an experienced body man with you and someone who can talk sense into you if you get too excited. If not, you will find yourself in the money pit of all money pits.

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