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The King Of The Road: The Shelby Mustang GT500KR

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By Mark Weisseg

The KR. That means king of the road for you folks not biased.
1968 saw the first GT500KR, when Ford started to install the Cobra Jet 428ci/335HP engine. the engine was left in its stock state, only adding aluminum valve covers and Cobra Lemans to note Fords win over Ferrari in ’66 and ’67.
The model has been resurrected over the years in 2008–2009, which have styling which nodded back to the original KR, but it still stands for the cream of the crop when it comes to Shelby Mustangs.

If this styling does not move your blood please check into a nearby hospital. Even the Ford haters will privately admit this car is a bad ass car. If the big 428 engine does not make you love driving you are in the wrong hobby. Go play with your trains in the basement.

Just like a Yenko Camaro gets everyone’s attention the Mustang KR does the same. Here on the eastern side of the country we don’t see these that often. The road salt and winters took a toll on our cars back in the day. For you lucky guys that do not suffer like us I hope you are taking care of these treasures.

There may be many limited edition Mustangs, which come out over the years seem like the top of the heap, such as the 2011/12 Shelby American Shelby 1000, but it will always be the GT500KR which has that special something.

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