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Engine Fire Causes Meltdown In Pickup Truck

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By Mark Weisseg

Just yesterday we were coming home from looking at a building when we noticed the sky was black as coal.
We knew the smoke was coming from an area near our home so we followed the trail. Right to one of my friends business. He owns a auto repair shop locally.

Well, upon arrival the fire fighters were battling a big fire coming from this pickup truck. I happen to locate the owner’s son who was consoling his father. The son told me the beloved truck started running poorly earlier in the week. There was an engine miss and a smell of fuel. But, like any good driver the father kept driving. Only on Monday did he decide to take it for repairs.

He backed the truck into a parking spot and the son who was picking him up noticed flames coming out from under the hood. Well, In short order that truck was fully involved in flames. The next issue was the cars parked next to the burning truck. Yep, the innocent SUV and the minding my own business Buick also were lost to the fire. As was the tree next to the truck and a large portion of the parking lot.

We were able to watch this fire spread quickly as the fire fighters battled the flames. Obviously there was concern about the gas tank exploding and making everything worse yet. As the fire slowly became under control I called my friend who owns this business and informed him of what was going on. He was on a boat in the middle of deep creek Maryland. Satisfied his building was safe he informed me he was coming ashore and heading home. It’s a two hour drive and I am sure he was nervous all the way.


Now, my thought is this. What if the owner of the truck would have stuck his head under the hood when the engine began having issues? Would he have seen a fuel leak? Was there any obvious issue that he could have done in advance?
Three vehicles are a total loss. A tree and a section of parking lot. Plus the time and equipment involved putting out the fire. In hindsight it would have been a great time to commit a crime as the entire police force was there watching the fire as if there presence helped.

So, I beg of you please check your vehicles regularly and as soon as you spot a problem, have it fixed. Yes, it may cost money, but the amount can be potentially small compared to what can happen.

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