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Hot Rod Heaven: Not Impractical At All

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By Mark Weisseg

This may be the best example of how an old hot rod should look. Bright red paint, chromed out engine, suicide doors, big horsepower and a chopped stance.

What else can one do to a cool car like this? Notice how the engine matches the firewall? You know that was done on purpose for the right look. This car was not an after thought or a hot rod slapped together. No, this ride has had much thought and much planning to get it to what you see.

There are those that argue that building a hot rod like this limits you. There are those that say it limits you to yourself and one passenger. Nobody else can join in on the fun of a cruise. Or the car is not made for any type of weather other than sunshine. If you get caught in a rain storm you are screwed as the car handles poorly in wet conditions and cleaning up all the chrome is a day long project by itself.

My answer? Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. If you built this car you knew what you were doing. All the planning and time not alone the money to do this makes me assured you knew exactly why you did built it this way. This is one of those fast muscle cars defined only by the builders tastes. A build like this will last forever due to the quality of the build and more importantly the love of the build.

The business of building chopped and channeled hot rods is stronger than ever. Now, anyone can buy bodies and build there own or have a company out there build one for you exactly the way you want it. I love the entire idea and want to see more of these in the years ahead.

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