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This Hurts To The Core: Abandoned Muscle Cars

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When we see a picture of a once proud muscle car sent out to rot, it hurts to the core. One always wonders why someone did not step up to save a classic like this one from its fate.

I understand we do not have an endless, bottomless pit of money and the ability to buy everything we see. However, it sure is easy enough to yell from the top of the mountain today via the Internet that you know of a classic car sitting and waiting to be saved.

I guess what has me scratching my head is that I belong to a whole different set of classic old truck owners who have there own web sites. These folks seem to live for the hunt of finding and saving old classic trucks. They constantly post pictures of another one saved and brag they saved another one from the crusher. It’s a big darn deal to those folks. So much so, I write a blog for another web site and it’s at a fever pitch.

I see this on the classic muscle car sites but I must admit not to the level of the old truck folks. I am uncertain why yet but I am sure in time I will get a better handle on this.

All I can ask from all of you is that if you know of a car sitting in a barn or garage or left in a field please tell someone. Tell someone in the hobby who knows someone who could save the old car from a crusher or having it rot away and not have a chance. There are a lot of “lost ” cars out there that are special and our hope is that they are not all gone. Our hope is they are sitting somewhere waiting to be brought back to life. So, if you hear or see anything please hit the siren.

Think of it as being eco-friendly. Bringing a car back to life, instead of making a new one.

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