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Looking Back At The 2016 Chicago Auto Show

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By Mark Weisseg

Car shows are fantastic events that usually stay in the memory for months or even years after. it’s also usual for one or two vehicles to sticking our minds and the Chicago Auto show is no exception.
At the end of a very long day when we started to drag a little, we got our just rewards.

The first car was brought in by a local club and featured a 1970 Mustang Boss. Wow, we just drooled over that car. The big engine, the styling, the memories, and so much more. Then, we turn the corner and large bright lights from the ceiling highlighted a brand new Ford GT.

Talk about contrasts. They were worlds apart. We had an internal debate on which one we would rather have. Both are classics already, both are or were fast for there time and both are highly desirable.
The show kept everyone at arms length as you can see on both cars. The 1970 because it is privately owned and I am sure he wants baby strollers, zippers and clingy hands away from his orange paint. As for the new Ford GT, more than likely the same reasons.
The newer GT is a mid engine monster that will sell out as fast as they make them and the 1970 sells as fast as they go on sale.

We were charmed by all the years in between the cars and certainly the technology but one thing has not changed. The love for each car. Each car had people who were in love with them for different reasons. The 1970’s was all about memories and the 2017 was all about memories to be made. What a way to end our day on such a high note.


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