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By Mark Weisseg

You know you have a good problem with cars when you need to start stacking them. That is exactly what a friend of mine has done. When you build a garage with four cars in mind and the disease spreads, there is only one way to go.

You know where that is but should we all build bigger and worry about too much space? I have seen many people over the years build a house and work like mad to stay within a budget. They are so proud of themselves when they accomplish that goal. But, you know what happens next. A baby comes along or the need for a family room. Or, the owners feel the need to spread there wings a bit. Then, the addition starts and one can usually tell where the old left off and the new begins.

It’s like the garage. We stay within a budget but keep buying things like traffic lights, oil change equipment, a floor jack, a tool box, a fan, and the list goes on. Soon you are no better off than where you started in the first place. Now the easiest solution would be to sell a car or two but that is hard. Once you finally get it the process of selling it becomes very hard. So, a rack or two is ordered to move up.

It’s the only easy solution and the least expensive. But, at some point you are going to scratch your big head and wonder how all this happened. I do not know your answer but I can tell you this. Give me enough space for fifty cars and I will fill it up. I don’t know how the brain works like that but it does. I have been stalling to buy another work shed because I filled up the first one pretty quickly with tools and such. If I get a second I fear I will find a way to fill that one up too. It’s silly yet a real part of a car collector. You find ways to collect parts and tools even if you do not need them. One of these days I am going to do a complete inventory of all my automotive things and it might be a dark day around here. Many items are hidden now or stacked so it’s when everything sees the light of day I may discover I have a serious issue. I hope so.

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