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Chevrolet Camaro Stolen!

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this story today from a guy claiming his Camaro was stolen while in Louisville this past weekend. He said he had heard of this happening before but never thought he would be a victim.
He claims it was stolen right out of the hotel parking lot overnight while everyone slept. Now, I can not verify the truth but I will give this poor guy the benefit of the doubt. It’s not the first time we all have heard of this happening so what do we do?

Well, first let’s keep our eyes and ears open and hopefully this Camaro will be found. What concerns me is that if you recall a special Mopar was stolen earlier this year with a huge reward and lots of press. That car was never found to this day either. So, is it a ring of thieves that are doing this? If they are shipping them out of the country you would think customs would easily discover this, but none to date on any stolen car yet of this nature.

So, where did they go? How can someone steal a car like this and it vanish over night? I do not know the answer and of course feel terrible for the owner. I know if it were me I too would be sick to my stomach. So, what can we all do? Some of the cars were on trailers, some were parked in the lot and a few were in enclosed units. I can tell you what I will do if I ever take one of mine to an over nighter. Sleep in it. Sleep in it with my .357 at my side.

I avoided a weekend in Columbus Ohio last year due to this same fear. Columbus is a favorite town of mine and I have a nephew and his family there. My first thought was to park it at there house in there garage. That was the only way I could get any sleep. But, I did not want to upset there lives with two babies for my interests. Do, I stayed away from the Mopar weekend. If I go next year I will take it in a enclosed trailer but I will sleep in the trailer. That is the only way to have piece of mind. I know you can disable the engine but these thieves are so good they are towing away trailers as need be. The thieves appear to be that smart. If you have a better way than mine please comment because there are some very broken hearted people out there that will probably never see there fast muscle car again.

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