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My Struggles With A Ford Model A

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By Mark Weisseg

Yesterday I wrote why the 32 Ford was so much better than the Model A.
Interestingly I open the internet today and this is staring me in the face. Gadzooks Henry Ford must have heard me and sent this my way.
So, I need to say I am sorry before my roof caves in and a thousand year flood rolls through my house. Again, I own a Model A. I always wanted one from the time I was a young boy. I finally bought one last year and it is very close to being done or restored as some care to say.

No, it’s not a hot rod like this super star car but a throwback car. Yes, an original type of car with the original engine, transmission and rear end. It has original paint and much more. The engine sounds like a singer sewing machine and I am anxious to get it out and try out the mechanical brakes. I have all the reasons why the Model B was so much better and then this slaps me in the face.

Just to let you in on a little secret I tried very hard over the weekend to buy a 1929 Model A I last looked at over a year ago. I thought if I could buy that one I would go classic hot rod like this one. The seller who was as nice as pie a year ago at $4500 shut me down with my new bid of $2500. Without a working engine, a seat, dry rotted tires, bad brakes and much more I threw a revised offer at him. He said no thanks and stuck to his new price of $3500. I gently reminded him the car was misrepresented a year ago and provided the laundry list of things missing, broken or defunct with his car. The only thing good was the frame and body. Double period. He won’t budge so I walked away and let him keep the original deposit I gave him. I should have asked for it back due to the big time misrepresentation back then but I let it drop. He has a barn full of generally old rotted cars that he inherited from his father. It’s in the middle of nowhere Michigan and chances are they will sit until the next generation decides they want the barn space rather than piles of rubble. So, give me points for trying. I was going to take the next Model A body and make that rod. Not as good as this one but a fast muscle car all the way.

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