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The Fun OF Auction Fever

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By Mark Weisseg

I went with a good friend last evening to a car auction. I enclosed a few pictures here for you so you get some idea what it was like. That is until a huge rain storm rolled in for about thirty minutes. Then it became a mud pit.

I guess there was about 75 or so cars and most of them have been sitting outside for thirty plus years. I befriended the next door neighbor as he was a Mustang guy as well and let me park my Cobra in his paved driveway.
Turns out he has a Laguna Mustang. So, a new friend last night as well. But the crowds were all over the 53 Corvette, this Challenger with a slant six and many other cars. The problem was the only good cars were the ones that actually were kept inside and most of these were bad. Eaten by every animal you can imagine. Interiors were shot, wiring eaten, flat tires and out right neglect. We were disappointed to say the least except for a few cars and lots and lots of parts, plus the crowds were big.

We met people who traveled in from Oklahoma and Iowa. We met a guy who was trying to buy that old Vette for a collector down under. Many said they drove 3-6 hours and stayed at local hotels and of course plenty of locals were there. You could pre bid via proxy and that is what I did rather than go back today. It was 90 degrees again today and the humidity is stifling. It’s easier to do this at home but you must be fast with the bid button.

I was watching this morning and in typical auction settings the fever was strong. Very high prices paid for some bad cars, some very old parts and really high prices paid for literature. I could watch the auction live and the fever was in full force. Lots of people bidding with emotions rather than a brain. Who wants a 1984 Plymouth K car wagon with fake wood paneling? And it sat outside all these years. Yet, a bidding war on that too. I get the sense many bidders will get home and it will hit them. There was a premium charged on top of the sale. You had to remove your items and or cars next week. Who wants an 84 Cavalier convertible that sat outside forever? Or a 63 Nova wagon? How about a 60 Metropolitan that the interior was destroyed by field animals and the engine looked like it sat for at least 30 years. Yet the fever was strong and the bidding was good in some areas and a bit weak in others. I mean is there a market for a 70 Plymouth Fury that was rotted out? How about a 71 GTO? Rotted out and neglected. What a terrible shame but the fever was going and we wondered if after the auction how many will regret getting caught up in the heat of the moment. Literally.



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