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Old Car Hangouts: Burgers and Fries

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By Mark Weisseg.

Most of us grew up hanging out at fast food joints with our friends. Yes, it was a Friday night tradition to go to McDonalds and hang out.
A burger, small fries and a small drink was 99 cents plus tax. We all would hang around and shoot the breeze and check out each other’s cars. Here’s an odd tidbit. When I was in high school there was a waiting list a page long to work at the local McDonalds. Can you imagine?

But back to food joints. It does not matter if it was Jack in a Box or Burger Chef or Sandys. The drill was the same. Hang out for a while and shoot the breeze until a better deal came along. Maybe it’s because where I live now but I don’t see this like I once did. We all have moved on I guess.

From Cars and Coffee events to organized car shows. No more roller skate girls bringing your food to you. There is a national chain that still has drive in service ( Sonic) where like the old days you order through a speaker and in due time someone brings the food to the car. Usually not on roller skates at least.

The shine is gone for the most part and with a few exceptions the once really cool time is a thing of the past. Like so many other things that we thought were “boss” the times have changed and it’s all a memory now. In the 1950’s it was “Golly” in the 60’s in was “Groovy” and in the 70’s it was “far out man”. The 80’s were the California girls and in the 90’s, well, in the 90’s and beyond I stopped caring.

What I do care about is our cars and the heritage of the cars. And I am fighting old man disease. Meaning I don’t want to hit the panic button on every topic but I am very concerned about what the future car hobby will look like. Maybe I will live long enough to see it but if not, I have wonderful memories of the drive in food hang outs.
We didn’t realise how sociable we were back then.

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