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Tires: Permanent lettering

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By Mark Weisseg

You know I love all fast muscle cars but I just saw something I thought I would pass on.
Take a hard look at these tires. There is a company that you can buy anything to put on your tires. Any logo, any lettering, anything that will fit. The upside is that you pick and you install. It’s easy to install. It’s cheap too. The down side is that the process is permanent. They stay on the sideways as long as you own the tires. So, maybe do not put a girlfriends or boyfriends name on your tires or anything else that is not well thought out. A bit like those spare of the moment tattoos. It might seem a good idea at the time….

We live in an age of almost endless possibilities. Computers have changed our lives forever. Some good, some bad but let’s focus on the good.
CNC machining, graphics, wrappings and so much more have provided quality jobs and the end result in most cases is all positive. Five years ago wraps were unheard of. Today, they change the entire cars appearance for a low cost. But back to the tires for a moment. Many years ago I was in the tire business and people asked about personalization of the tires and all we could say was grind it and be careful. Today, you can buy the product ( google it) and for small change be able to personalize your tires in any color and spell out anything for as long as the tires last. Gadzooks, I love the technology coming out and love the new age we live in. Embrace the changes and when you see me at SEMA please stop me and let’s discuss more ideas.

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