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An Over Priced Hemi Road Runner?

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By Mark a Weisseg

It’s a deal for $79,900. It’s a 1968 and yes it has that sleeper look but that sticker asking price spooked even me.

If it had a 383 the asking price would be 42-50k. Is a Hemi worth that much more? I guess we will find out. But, I must admit from a biased point of view I worry that pricing like this will keep many people out of the hobby.

I mean the car is bare bones and lacks any creature comforts. It will be fast in a straight line of course, but it will drive like an old car. I guess you are paying for the bragging rights to allow you to say that you own a Hemi. The purist might say the higher the price the better to keep out the riff raff. I could not disagree more. I want inclusion.

Everyone must start somewhere and if that means you bring a ’65 Chevelle then so be it. Enjoy it and love it and if the timing works out you can step up later. When I see these Ferraris being sold at auction for millions of dollars I cringe. Not because I am jealous. I am past that stage thirty years ago. I cringe because I know they will sit in a room somewhere and never see the light of day. Just like the first ever AC Cobra in Vegas.

It is scheduled to go to auction soon and the estimates are 10 million and up. Like you I will be watching. But what worries me is that right now anyone for free can walk into the museum and see it and lightly touch it. I did. But, after auction it might land up in a locked museum or a private collection. It will sit there for a few years and as soon as the market is high enough it will get sold again. That bothers me. So, if you have 79k plus the fees, feel free to buy the Road Runner. It’s your money. But, like anything be careful what you wish for.

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