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Flying Muscle Cars: Fact or Fiction?

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By Mark Weisseg

Remember when we were young and we flipped open a Mechanix Illustrated or similar and the big talk then was flying cars. You know, pull out of the garage, flip the wings down, drive down the driveway and off you go.
Fly to work, school, vacation, see Grandma, and so on. All of us young boys were thrilled by the idea and envisioned flying around between buildings and buzzing over friends house. For some odd reason the whole idea never materialized?!!?

The concept is nothing new.
In 1947 Theodore P. Hall, chief development engineer of Convair, designed a flying automobile called The Convair 116/118. The thing did actually fly, but crashed on its third flight.

In 1971 The Advanced Vehicle Engineers Company, opened by Henry Smolinski and his partner, Hal Blake, tried fusing a Cessna Skymaster airplane and a Ford Pinto, called The AVE Mizar. They tragically died in one of the test flights for the flying car when the wings detached in midair.

For James Bond fans, The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) movie saw an AMC Matador turn into a flying car. In the actual movie a scale model was used for the flight scenes, as the real flying car was not flight worthy.

So the closest we have got to a flying muscle car is the AMC Matador, but it does beg the question whether flying cars or even a flying muscle car could not become a reality.
People are still trying as we speak to develop a vehicle that is both road going and can fly.
It obviously would make a fantastic transportation concept, but I don’t think it will ever be made a reality, one from the limitations of the technology we have now and probably due to the potential thousands of airborne cars flying around, just seems to be utterly dangerous no matter how good the navigational systems become.
But that is talking about the technology we have now.

I am personally still waiting for my muscle car hover board, muscle hovercar and muscle car spaceship, which I thought we all would have by now, but no matter where the technologies are currently, at least we can still dream that one day someone may come up with the perfect solution.

You never know, in a few years we maybe reading the headline, ‘Flying Restomod/Prostreet at Detroit Car Show!’

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