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The Mostly Forgotten Ford Torino

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By Mark Weisseg

The Ford Torino was produced between 1968 and 1976.
Originally a sub-set of the Ford Fairline, The Torino over a few short years, became its own entity and by 1970 had morphed from a squared fronted car into a more pointed nosed muscle machine.

The Ford Torino eventually became a bit of a sleeper. Most originally came with the old reliable 302 engine and a C6 transmission. Comfortable, reliable, yet boring. Have your Grandmother pick us up.

Then Ford saw if they dropped in a 390 more people would pay attention. Gee, if a 390 worked, let’s squeeze in a 429.
When I say squeeze I mean it.
Open the hood and you would find you could not drop a BB and it would not hit the ground. A mechanic’s nightmare, but if you had the larger of the two engines, you earned street credits.

The back ends were somewhat light weight so when you pushed the gas pedal the car jolted to life and off you went. The guys with the other hot rods suddenly took notice of the long sweeping rear and the really cool hood and grill. The most popular color interior was black and the most popular exterior color was a deep forest green. But the aftermarket had many options for you to jazz up your car and make it your own.

Rarely do I see a Torino or a Gran Torino ( upgrade package) out there today.
Sure, I see them here and there but not like the other hot cars of the day. That’s a shame because this was a good car with a lot of power. Ford guys and gals should be looking harder for this car and bringing them back to life.

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