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By Mark Weisseg

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Now, about the Firetruck. I showed the picture to family and friends over the weekend and everyone of them either laughed or had a comment regarding the silliness of the Firetruck. It seems I was the only one that thought it was very cool. Impractical but very cool. You see I love fire trucks and the men and women who serve us in that capacity. Our country is loaded with volunteer fire companies that do a great job on a shoe string budget.

So, this truck inspired me to think more about how the fire departments around the world can raise awareness. Most people believe the men and women show up and throw water on the fire and leave. As a former volunteer myself I can assure you that is far from the truth. Endless training , and the desire to help the needy is just a few of the things that drive the men and women. They have very expensive tools and gear. Remember, they are the ones running in to the fire while you are running out. I could go on for hours with all the positives of a fire department and what they stand for. But, it’s like the police of today. They get very little respect for tasks most of us would never do. We either just call 911 or push a button on a home alarm system and stand back and wait for help. I encourage everyone to join the volunteers of your area and give wisely to the fund drives. If you don’t someday you will need help and nobody will show up. Then what?

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