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The Trick To Restoring a Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

When you see a recovery operation like this you need to put on your Mr. Wizard hats. First thing out of your mouth is it is a 70 Chevelle. The second should be a talk to yourself. Yes, a good hard talking too and a bit of mumbling never hurt.

The car clearly is in need of everything so expect a lot of money and a lot of time. So what’s the problem? Nothing. Except your life will be on hold for a while but is it worth all the work?

Let’s see, 70 Chevelle’s are cool. Nearly everyone likes them. Parts are easy to find. Parts are not too expensive. The car will be admired. I will love driving it and showing off. Seems like a plan to me. Just don’t get caught in the TV show hype. The TV shows we all watch are a half hour long. That means 22 minutes of air time. Somehow they never get dirty and everything falls into place. It won’t. I am telling you this from experience. Real world if you will. As I write this my brother is knee deep in yet another restoration project for me. He is tired, frustrated, and completely focused on finishing it. Why? Simple.He wants to go golfing.

See, that is the trick to getting off your bottom side. Finish it so you can enjoy life’s other treasures. To thank him I am taking him to Las Vegas in November to SEMA. It will be my way of thanking him. We have friends there and it does the mind and soul good to work on these projects but finishing them is key. I mean what is the reward for all of this? What I said earlier. You can drive with pride and show off your work.

Picture yourself behind the wheel going to a cruise or a show. Imagine all the questions you will get and think of all the good times ahead. Life can be hard enough and taking on a big deal like this makes it even harder. But the harder you work the bigger the pay off. This Chevelle and ones like it are worth all the grief. We do not want them crushed. We want to restore and rebuild them for ourselves and future owners. Go find your dream.

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