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Finding Your Prized Dodge Charger

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By Mark Weisseg

A long time friend of mine sent me some pictures and a brief story about this Charger last week. Turns out the new owner Terry finally bought his classic car. He found it in the barn you see in the background and had to have it.

It’s all original and it appears it’s all there. Under the hood is the magical 383ci. and she has an automatic transmission. Terry is a good friend and when I bought my Road Runner he immediately crawled underneath her to check her out. He wanted to ensure the underneath was as clean as the top side. Thankfully for me it was and still is. He is a picky guy and looked for quite some time for his next project.
In the process of looking for his he got the Jeep bug and bought one sweet brand new Jeep. Of course he showed her off at the annual Jeep fest in Butler PA and in the process gave it his daughter in marriage. He’s a hard working guy that owns a Harly, a cool four door , eight food bed Ram truck with a Cummins Diesel and loves his second amendment rights. That is why we get along so well. But, for him this chase is now over. A Charger he always wanted, a Charger he now owns.

He is going to start his restoration all most immediately and plans on moving it along at a regular pace. That is until he told me he had to build yet another garage! Yes, like me he is out of room for all his toys. That is what happens when you love all the unnecessary toys a guy can have.
Although the car is solid, it needs a lot of work and that also means space, resources and lots of time.
This charger find also shows that these cars are still lingering around the nation. It just takes some legwork to find them.

This is just another chapter for Terry and it will be fun watching this restoration unfold. You can bet though that when this is done everyone will be impressed. Rock on Terry.

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