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Finally, A Pontiac Trans AM not black And It’s Rare!

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By Mark Weisseg

The term “rare” is so overused in the car hobby it’s almost not even worth paying attention to. We have gotten way off track with our marketing schemes with barn finds, rare, numbers matching and one of cars. I have said it many times before that when you see these terms, do your homework.

Now, this beauty pictured is one for the books. I say that because back in 77 and 78 when these cars were selling as fast as they could make them, people usually bought one color, black. Because the movie Smokey and the Bandit had a black one just as the Dukes of Hazzard have the orange Charger. So, it seems every Trans Am from that era is black with the gold honeycomb wheels. But, in fact GM did offer other colors but were not as popular. But, look at this gold one with the gold wheels and the screaming chicken. I cannot tell you how many people to this very day think it’s an eagle or something similar on the hood. It’s a screaming chicken!

After a while the T tops leaked and the car like any other car got old and people moved on or did they?
I would argue not after seeing what a black one went for at the Barrett Jackson auction this past January. Now remember, the one they just sold out there in Scottsdale was not even in the movie. It was just built in case they needed another. That car just sold for $500,000. For a car that is about 40 years old and has no other claim to fame other than it was a backup to a backup on a famous movie.

So, black is beautiful I guess regarding this car because I believe if you took this car out there without credentials you’d be lucky to get 100k. And, I mean very lucky. But, my point is that the Trans Am was an amazing car helped by movie fame. There were more colors than just two as well but none more famous than the black. One more thing you might not know about this screaming chicken. The first year out the chicken was only on the hood. The second year the wing tips expanded onto the tops of the fenders. Trivial trivia but if you were alive back then you will remember how very hot this car once was. And now, I guess it is round two.

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