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How To Grab Attention In A Muscle Car.

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By Mark Weisseg

You must love the stance of this Mustang. Clearly the steam roller type of tires makes you take notice but the drag bars in the back should really get you to think twice.

Back in the day a lot of guys put drag bars on their hot rods even though they never saw a drag strip. It was a cool add on that gave the appeal of badass. However, this Mustang is screaming for the driver to get in and buckle up. It’s going to get very noisy very soon once the owner decides to go for it. This is a three point buckle up car for sure. Not many are around any more in this fashion, which makes this car even more special.

One of the coolest aspects of this car always was the tail lights and spoiler that was molded right into the rear quarter panels. It’s smooth, and has a cool look. I always loved those tail lights and gas cap in the middle. My newer Mustang has the fake gas cap in the back but the actual cap is on the drivers side.

Today’s hot cars are so tight and controlled with computers that a lot is lost in the driving experience. Back in the day these hot cars were all car. You felt every bump, you heard every click and at times you held on for dear life.
It was an era never to be repeated. Sure, today’s Mustangs and other super cars handle better and are safer but what they lost is the “feel” of the driving experience. Now, I don’t know what’s under the hood of this one but you can bet what ever is in there is hooked up to some nice headers and when the driver turns that key everyone within 100 yards knows a rocket just came to life.
Most miss the rattles, the squeaks, the smell of the older hot rods, but fortunately we can still get our hands on these and still drive them. There is nothing like the experience. There is a big, big difference and I hope we all keep these classics alive and thriving.

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