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Find Of The Day: 1969 AMC AMX 1 of 1 in Pink!

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: 390CI V8
VIN: A9C397X152052
Go Package
Price: $54,983.00


This 1969 AMC AMX is one unusual ride and a surefire rarity and possibly the only customer ordered pink AMC AMX around (apart from the original Playboy version). The original idea for a pink AMX came in 1968 when the AMC President of Marketing met with Hugh Heffners Playboy Clubs to award the playmate of the year a new custom built Pink AMX.

The original was provided to Victoria Vetri by AMC’s Bill McNealy the vice president of marketing for AMC in 1968. Jay Leno even gets round to making a video of the original as you can see below –


This one-off was ordered by a lady school teacher in 1969 at Sparks Motors in Bonne Terre MS, who paid $200 extra for the 00 special color code which included a 390 cubic inch V8 and the Go Package.

The ad. itself doesn’t give much more details about the vehicle. From the provided images the car is in top-notch condition throughout as you would expect for the asking price.

A one-off vehicle like this from any other manufacturer would be an astronomical amount of money, but as this is an AMC you can essentially get a muscle car classic for a fraction of what you would spend on any other make and model with this level of rarity from this era.

It may be pink, it may be an AMC, but this is one of the classics from the muscle car era at a fraction of the price of any other make and model. Plus it’s cool association with the playboy era. If you have the money to dive into this ride, you won’t regret it.




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