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Hot Rods & Customs-1 coloring book By Eric Brockmeyer

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By Dave Ashton

Before the Internet, before drawing apps or any other illustration software, kids from decades ago used to have these things called coloring books, which were outlines of great designs which anybody could take to, color in and produce some artwork masterpieces if they had artistic skills are not. Eric Brockmeyer has brought back those days with a cool coloring book full of great outline illustrations of hot rods and customs.

The great thing about a hardcopy coloring book is that you can never beat the tactile, hands on approach of drawing and even if you have no artistic ability, the simple act of coloring in and finishing the illustration gives you the satisfaction of producing your own fine artwork. The other side benefit I found was that you have to take far more care and thought before you start. What colors to use, how you are going to blend in those colors, making the end result a far more personal experience than any coloring app.

The book is full of some great outlines from hot rods to customs and gives you the idea of what it must have been like back in the day when car designers used to design by hand. Draw the outline, then fill in the gaps.

I thoroughly recommend this coloring book for kids of all ages. Plus, because it’s full of hot rods and customs, us adults have the excuse to relive our coloring in days all over again.
You can find the book from the link here on Amazon.



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