Electric Cars Are Nothing New

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They say there are not many new things in the world, just modern versions. This seems to be the way with automobiles and the electric car.

As lovers of muscle cars, we tend to ignore or pretend electric vehicles don’t exist. They are the complete opposite of a mighty V8 engine. However, electric vehicles are nothing new. This makes us think if the electric technology had come in first, would we have had electric driven cars of the golden era of muscle cars or even now? Urghh…..

Early Electric Cars.
Over 100 years ago electric cars were being toyed with. The US Department of Energy says, ‘It’s hard to attribute the invention of the electric car to one inventor or country. Instead it was a series of breakthroughs — from the battery to the electric motor — in the 1800’s that led to the first electric vehicle on the road.’
‘In the early part of the century, innovators in Hungary, the Netherlands and the United States — including a blacksmith from Vermont — began toying with the concept of a battery-powered vehicle and created some of the first small-scale electric cars.’

An electric car being charged (1900) Photo: Library of Congress

In the 1830s, inventors were playing with non-rechargeable primary cells, such as American Thomas Davenport in 1835 or William Morrison in 1980, Iowa, who built a six passenger vehicle with a top speed of 14 mph. However, by 1935, electric vehicles nearly disappeared.
The mass production of the internal combustion engine made a vehicle a third of the price of the electric equivalent, along with a better filling station infrastructure across the country. So, gas powered car were cheaper, easier to refuel in simpler.

Today’s electric vehicles.

Models such as the Tesla Model S P85d are leading the way in the electric vehicle sector. How they will do long term is anybody’s guess, but at the least a big push is being given to the electric side of things.

Although electric vehicles are nothing new and they now seem to be the way forward, I can’t imagine a world without a V8 engine.
Some may say a huge displacement engine is a big gas guzzler and polluter, but they are only a tiny fraction of the world’s vehicles. A bit like saying huge bonfires are the because of the worlds pollution problems.

Electric vehicles are nothing new and they maybe the way forward, but that also means V8s can still live on knowing the rest of the world have cleaned up their act. Its not a one or the other thing, its a both live in harmony together or should be.
Electric for the week commute, muscle car for the weekend.

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