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Easter Eggs We Didn’t Spot in The Dodge Challenger

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By Dave Ashton

While most of the focus for the Dodge Challenger has gone towards its performance in recent years, there are hidden gems throughout the car. These will only be spotted by keen eyed owners or very diligent reviewers, but they do add that ‘little something extra’ to the whole package.

These Easter eggs of added extras are dotted around the car and refer to Dodge’s rich history and what the current Dodge lineup is capable of. Some are performance enhancers, while others are just simply added decor. to put a smile on the face of the owner. So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the items that may be overlooked if you’ve not been able to get close and personal to a Dodge from their current crop of vehicles.

Challenger silhouette on windshield
Check out the edge of the windshield on the drivers side of an SRT Demon and you’ll see a cool silhouette of a Challenger billowing tire smoke from its rear end. The 2015- Challengers has the same outline, just without the addition of the smokey rear end.

Console lid emblem
If you checked out the underside of the console lid, you will find a nut shaped logo with ‘DB’ inside it, with the wording, ‘Dodge Brothers designed in Detroit’ written underneath.

Rear seat wheelie emblem
Right where the rear seats used to be in the SRT Demon there is a cool emblem which refers to the Demon’s Guinness Book world record. The Demon is the only production car capable of pulling a wheelie on launch. If a car has wheelies on command in its repertoire, it’s definitely worth celebrating with a plaque inside the vehicle.

Air Catcher/headlamp Logo
On models like the Hellcat and SRT Demon the front headlight doubles up as an air catcher for all those litres of air needed by the engine.
Depending on the model of Challenger, you may find a Demon logo inside the air Catcher/headlamp setup. You have to have eagle eyes to clock this one, but it’s a nice little addition. There’s also ‘Air grabber’ logos under the hood linked to the Air Grabber hood scoop system, with these being a little easier to spot.

Filter box logo
Again, a more obvious one but the filter box inside the engine has an ‘SRT’ logo. This can also be viewed by peeking through the hood vents.

Demon interior bezels
If you buy a limited edition car, you like to be reminded every so often its a bit special. The SRT Demon lets every owner know its significance with carbon fiber badges and laser etched production sequence numbers in every vehicle. Just that nice little extra touch to prove its exclusivity.

Demon Crate Trunk fit
I feel that this is more a helpful tip than an Easter egg, but we are including it anyway. The Demon crate which you could acquire for one dollar, included some nice extra goodies such as tools and slim drag tires. However, not so commonly known is that the whole kit is molded to fit snugly in the trunk. This means instead of stuffing the Demon Crate in the corner of a garage, it now has its own designated place. Each Demon Crate also has its own personalized nameplate with the buyer’s name and VIN for that extra personal touch.

The Challenger red eye
The Dodge Challenger Redeye, is the most potent Challenger yet and it also has a few hidden goodies. Well, sort of hidden, the logos on the side of the car literally has a red eye. It may seem an obvious idea, but it definitely adds that extra level of cool and thought for the logo.

Hidden Trunk Speakers
Where’s all that sound coming from? Well, open the floor flap in the trunk and you will find Harman Kardon speakers. Pretty nice of Dodge to include a little extra bass end to their sound system.

Radio station logo
This graphic popped up as a promotion for the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on the central console. During the buildup to the release of the Hellcat a curious radio station image came up. ’70s on 7′ referred to the Hellcat’s 707 horsepower.

Hemi orange engine
Painting the engine block or parts of the engine orange in the Challenger Hellcat definitely denotes a Hemi. It’s not completely orange like Hemi’s of old, but there’s enough there to get the point across.

Wallpaper backgrounds
The central console is always a good place for hidden Easter eggs. The model of Challenger you own will is reflected on the central screen, along with all the performance pages.

Steering wheel selection buttons
Pressing down and holding the steering wheel selection buttons accesses a few hidden features. These include oil pressure, temperature and a way to measure your 60 mph time.

Demon logo on engine
Just to make sure you know you have a Demon engine in the car, a diecast emblem can be found on the engine cover of a Demon V8.

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