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1969 Dodge Daytona, Numbers Matching

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Engine: 440-375 HP Magnum
Transmission: 727 TorqueFlite Automatic
Exterior Color: Hemi Orange
price:US $247,998.00


The original, real deal 1969 Dodge Daytona along with the other winged warrior the Plymouth Superbird, could be the ultimate classic muscle car. Big and bold in every way, the Daytona was put together specifically for winning at NASCAR and was the first car to break 200 mph. Just over 500 road going versions had to be sold and this one is said to be #404 of just 503. The Dodge Daytona is one of those vehicles that started off as an ugly duckling and over the years has turned into a swan. It maybe a huge orange swan, but the Daytona is beautiful in its own right all the same.


This Daytona has had a complete rotisserie restoration back to factory specs. and comes with the original build sheet and fender tags. This one has a 440ci. V8 Magnum motor and it seems like all the minor details like hoses and leads have been correctly matched up. The only rare options listed are the Kelsey Hayes ‘recall’ cast wheels on redline tires, which do fit the car perfectly.

What is nice is they have provide an accompanying video for the car with a walk around as below.

So, what about estimated value? Conceptcarz value a ’69 Daytona based on a 36 auction average as a Current Year Average of $232,833. Hagerty have the value as $296,000 in concours conditions and $236,000 in excellent condition. So, around $234,000 seems to be about right for an excellent condition version like this one. I’m saying its not concours condition as that would need a personal inspection. As they are asking $247,000, a bit of negotiation maybe in order.


At this investment level of personal inspection will be needed. If everything checks out on this car, it would be a great investment for the future.



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