Dodge 3700 Serra Boulevard

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Dodge 3700 Serra Boulevard


‘Thats a…….’, ‘no it’s not, it’s a………’
Basically, what do you call a Spanish 1965 Dodge Dart?
A Dodge 3700.

To my eyes, this looks more like an 80s vehicle than something from the 60s. A car ahead of its time?

Essentially, Chrysler made a deal with Barreiros Diesel, Madrid, a truck and engine manufacturer, to build the Dodge Dart for Spain.
Pedro Serra, one of Spain’s premier coachbuilders was tasked to re-body the Dodge Dart originally in 1968, called the Serra Specter.
A tubular chassis was put in place with a total restyling of the original Dart. Only 18 examples of the car were built, with around 12 to 14 which still exist.
The cars featured a Delanetro six cylinder slant six and a European size engine – 3,685 cc.
Due to the oil crisis and performance issues with the company, the Boulevard did not sell very well.

However, it did make its mark at the time being owned in 1973 by Admiral and President of the Spanish government, Luis Carrero Blanco. Poignantly and sadly he was a victim of a terrorist attack in the very same car.

Historically the Dodge 3700 Serra Boulevard can be seen as just the Spanish version of the Dodge Dart or an exclusive coach built Dodge Dart which just so happens to be sold in Spain. Either way, it can be seen as an interesting part of Dodge’s history and one man’s vision of how a car should look and perform.


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