Confederate Flag Parade Truck Smash!

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Confederate Flag Parade Truck Smash!

Confederate Flag Parade Truck Smash

A recent truck parade in Georgia proudly showing off the Confederate flag, came to a grinding halt when the police had cordoned off their passage and created a nice little domino effect in the trucks!

It’s obviously everybody’s right to freedom of speech and their point of view, but a truck parade in the south without a seemingly obvious explanation for their reasons, is blunt and disregarding at the least.
In a recent post we reported about certain toy car manufacturers pulling products with the Confederate flag –  so maybe a little sensitivity to the views of others in future, especially with a symbol that can polarize people so much.

As a side note, someone needs to sign up the guy who’s doing the voice-over on the video and the person and the dog off-camera, can you imagine how great they would be as roving reporters!
Someone sign them up now!

‘According to the original LiveLeak post, the video was taken somewhere in Georgia on Saturday. A seemingly endless parade of massive trucks, sport utility vehicles and smaller cars adorned with Confederate flags cruises down the street of an unidentified small town. After the first minute, the man taking the video exclaims, “Oh, they about to wreck!” Sure enough, that’s exactly what happens.

Several Redditors later commented on the post and said that the parade occurred in the town of Dalton, which sits just below the Tennessee border near Chattanooga.’

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