Origin Of The Name Camaro

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Origin Of The Name Camaro


In all the years the great Chevrolet Camaro has been around, the word Camaro has meant many things to many people.
But not as many know the true origins of the name.

Essentially, on June 29, 1966 a press conference for SEPAW (Society for the Eradication of Panthers from the Automotive World) was held in 14 cities. The reason for the acronyms was due to the two years prior of media frenzy thinking Chevrolet’s new model would be called the ‘Panther.’ The story rose to the point where potential customers were ringing Chevrolet for specifications, prices and to place orders!

Chevrolet general manager Pete Estes thus announced on that day, with the help of five ladies each holding a letter each, the name of their new car, ‘Camaro.’

“….the name CAMARO means ‘friend’ – ‘pal’ – or ‘comrade.’ Thus, it suggests the real mission of our new automobile – to be a close companion to its owner – tailored to reflect his or her individual tastes and at the same time provide exciting personal transportation. Chevrolet has chosen a name which is lithe, and graceful – and in keeping with our other names beginning with ‘C.’………..thus, it suggests the comradeship of good friends……as a personal car should be to its owner.”

‘When asked a year later how he came up with the name “Camaro” – Mr. Estes laughed that he locked himself in a closet and he came back out with Camaro! His son Bill – our Chevrolet Dealer in Indianapolis tells me that he and his father discussed four different names with the rest of the family at dinner one evening….and Mr. Estes chose Camaro that very evening – because the name meant ‘friend.’’

As with any great car name, its origins may have just been a brainstorming session or a gift from the heavens, either way the name has to ‘feel’ and ‘sound’ right and the name Camaro is probably as good as it gets.

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