Completely American Made Car Makes: An Endangered Species.

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Completely American Made Car Makes: An Endangered Species.

‘Toyota’s family sedan still directly supports the most Americans:’
‘More production equals more employees.’
‘Detroit has the bulk of cars with high domestic content. GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles build 37 of the 57 U.S.-assembled cars with 60 percent or higher domestic content.’
‘The American Auto Policy Council, which represents the Detroit Three, claims its member companies employ two-thirds of all U.S. autoworkers.’


This is a great article over at showing which car makers have the most domestic content and where does makes and models are made on American soil.

The takeaways from the post I have listed above, but the main concern is domestic employment.
We would all love only American makes to be made by American employees, but the realities of global business don’t always allow this situation.
‘More production equals more employees.’ Whichever makes and models are built in the US, it should mean more American jobs. It’s preferable to work on an American make and model, but with the second option, to be employed making a foreign make and model, that’s better than no employment.

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