Chevrolet Electric eCOPO Camaro Now In The 9s

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By Dave Ashton

It’s a strange day today in the respect of talking about how great the exhaust notes sound from the upcoming 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 and on the other hand featuring Chevys eCOPO Camaro, which makes a whirring sound at best at any speed. This video isn’t about the soundtrack though, but how well electric muscle cars are performing on the dragstrip.

Only a few weeks ago, the same vehicle with 80% power produced a 10.14 second time. The power isn’t stated this time around, but the time has definitely been improved to 9.83 seconds at 134mph. The outside of the vehicle looks familiar, based on the COPO Camaro and features a three speed automatic transmission and fixed rear end. The power comes from two electric motors with four 200 volt modules placed at different points in the car for better weight distribution. The power equates to 780HP and 780 lbs.ft. of torque. An 800-volt charging system is used for quick charging between rounds.

The obvious first impression is how eerily quiet the eCOPO Camaro is from the burnout to crossing the line. At first you feel like you forgot to turn the volume up, but you soon get used to using completely visual cues for every part of the race (it’s probably good practice to start watching drag races from now on with the sound down.) The car clearly has the torque and the power, even at these early stages of development to be viable on the drag strip and in motorsport, but the sensory experience of all those engine sounds needs to be replaced with something.

Fake engine sounds will sound, well..fake and natural. Then again, they could play Motley Crue’s ‘kickstart my heart’ for every pass. I’d be happy with that…..

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