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By Mark Weisseg

This is just one of the million of things I see on the Internet on a daily basis. My Ford is better than your Camaro and my Dodge is better than your….and so on. Well, I am lucky in that I own vehicles from all three big OEM’s so I can stay out of the fracas.

However, I agree with the statement that a real car guy will at least appreciate another car even if it’s not his liking.
I certainly do but I draw the line as well. Here goes my theory. If I am driving in my RoadRunner and see a guy in a Chevelle I can appreciate what he has done. I might think mine is better but at least I show him the respect he deserves for rebuilding or restoring an older car. I know the highs and lows, the money train and the sleepless nights. I do hope the feeling is mutual as well.

But there is a line and I think you know where I am going with this. If I see a guy in a Subaru WRX or a Honda Civic I could care less. These are not classic cars. Sure a WRX is fast but we are not talking about speed here we are talking respect. The so called rice burners don’t fit in with us. Yes, we are better than them. Why? We earned it.
These rice jalopies have not stood the test of time yet, have not run down the drag strip or the track for any length of time. They have no long history yet. They are not going to get my respect or many others for a long time. Come see me in twenty years and we will see how the cool little Civic holds up. Do you see the rice burners on Barrett Jackson or Mecum? What would Scottsdale look like if they devoted the 9 days or so to those cars? Do I hear crickets? You bet I do.

Every linage of car has its fans for its own particular reasons, that is undeniable and when it really comes down to it, every car owner, respect the work they have put into their vehicles, we just know was muscle car owners, we have a certain something the others don’t possess. The long heritage, the raw power and the feeling that only a muscle car can give.

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