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Car Shows Should Be All Inclusive

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By Mark Weisseg

Two years ago I went to a car show and my buddies who always hung with me could not go. So, I ventured out by myself and searched for like minded people.

I drove my Mustang GT that night so when I wheeled in I saw a group of guys sitting by there Stangs so I parked next to them. I went over and introduced myself and they invited me into there secret society.

As other cars arrived I did not say much as I was afraid to anger my new friends. But, as I sat there I noticed these guys were just murdering anyone that drove a car that they did not like. Terms like, it’s not a real one, he’s got 60K on it, the engine compartment is dirty, the guys a real …., and so on. Nobody fit the mold to them. These Kings were holding court and deciding amongst themselves what car would pass and which one fails. After about an hour of this drama I stood up, folded my chair, and went and sat by my car alone. I was sick of these negative guys spewing negativity about everyone. What’s wrong with a guy wheeling in with a 73 Plymouth with a 360 under the hood. The car is clean, he’s happy, it’s a car you don’t see everyday anymore, and by golly he’s allowed in.

I submit to you that if you are this type of grumpy old man or if you hang with one- drop it like a hot potato. The hobby is open to anyone and currently there is no ruling body that claims you must bring a classic car that is over ten years old and must have less than two thousand miles on it. Geez, lighten up and embrace the folks who sank there hard earned loot into a car they love. They and we do not need critics. Clearly if it is Pebble Beach they have rules, but our local car shows are nowhere near that level.

So, as Dad once said, ” grow up and put your big boy pants on” I hope you will take this to heart at your next event.

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