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Car Graveyard or Blank Slate?

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By Mark Weisseg

Car treasures are still out there, we just need to find them.

In our car world most would look at this picture and think the fell into a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or would they just see junk?

Just look at the possibilities. This is how it starts for some of us. We know they are still out there somewhere and it is up to us to keep digging for these treasures.
I hear some blow hards say that all the treasures have been found, then usually within a week a big find is located and that blowhard crawls back under his rock. Yes, they are getting tougher but just last year I stumbled onto a ’23 T bucket that had been sitting a long time. A friend of mine bought it and now drives it regularly.
I know of at least five cars within a five mile radius of my house that would be considered treasures. The owners have them tucked away for now and want privacy and I live in a populous area not on a farm. Some of these guys are waiting, others decided just to let them sit a while longer. So, in the meantime get off your back side and do some poking around yourselves.

Talking to others no matter where you are might bring you a car you never thought existed. Just like that friend of mine that has had his ’66 Corvette for thirty years. It’s only now that he is starting to think about a basic restoration so he can drive it around. They are still out there my friends. Just keep looking.

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