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The Five Year plan For The Dodge Dart Is Over

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By Mark Weisseg

FCA finally pulled the plug on the Dodge Dart this year. FCA Thought it could use an old trusted name on a newer vehicle but it bombed and I am thrilled. The current status of FCA is terrible. If it were not for the Jeep and the Ram line up they would be a one or two car company.

Yes, the Challenger and the Charger are propping up one end of the table and the Chrysler 300 the other. But, other than that, the company is in bad shape. That is why nobody wants to merge with them. They will wait for the fire sale. The Fiat line up has sales next to nothing here in the states and if something does not happen and happen soon you and I will witness yet another big name roll over and die. The Ram and Jeep lines will keep going and the other two cars I mentioned but this company needs another line up badly and quickly.

I dread when a company goes back and pulls a name from the past. That tells me the marketing department or the suits just cannot be smart. In the case of Chrysler or FCA they used names all from the past. Dart, Challenger, Charger and the 300. Is that the best they can do? If so it shows. A four door Charger always made me hide. A Charger should be a two door hot rod, not a four door baby seat car.

On the flipside, bringing back names from the past can be a good thing if done right.
The Hellcat versions have proven popular. The problem is that bringing back an old model, which was a classic in its day, has to be done right. If the public don’t ‘get it,’ then it just becomes a sad revival and no one wants that.

The Dodge Dart had some classics in its day. They just didn’t hit the spot this time round.

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