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Buy Of The Day, 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler

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Buy Of The Day, 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler


The AMC Rambler and other AMC’s always go under the radar as collectable cars or even a car with any type of grunt, but pass this ride and you may miss a very nice classic.

Here is a genuine, documented, restored, factory race car, with date code correct block and four speed transmission, and has an exceptional story.

Previously owned by the SC/Rambler registry founder and registrar, for over 20yrs.

Sold new NHRA F Stock Production Race Car!

Only 1512 of these were made and only a very few remain. There were 500 “A” paint code cars produced, 500 “B” paint code cars, another 500 “A” code cars and 12 Baja cars produced.

This restoration began in 2005 and was done to a very high level in Lewisville, Texas.
It was then sold to a collector in Minnesota and we purchased it from him.
The car is listed in the 1512 registry.

Laugh if you will, but the 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler could blow the doors off some pedigreed muscle cars.

Having dipped into performance with the ’68 AMX and Javelin pony cars, Detroit’s No. 4 automaker decided to expand into the budget-muscle arena with — don’t snicker — a Rambler Rogue compact.

Directed by Hurst Performance Research Inc., the project followed the simplest hot-rod canon: stuff in the biggest available V-8.

In AMC’s case, that was the AMX’s 315-hp 390-cid four-barrel. A Borg-Warner four-speed with a Hurst shifter and a 3.54:1 limited-slip completed the drivetrain.

Heavy-duty shocks, anti-sway bar, and anti-hop rear links fortified the suspension. E70Xl4 Polyglas tires and the AMC’s optional heavy-duty brakes with front discs were included.

Inside were reclining buckets. Instrumentation was standard Rogue with the exception of a Sun 8000-rpm tach strapped to the steering column.

The car debuted midway through the model year as the AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst; most called it the Scrambler. Only 1,512 were built, and they were potent little screamers.
But that exterior treatment! No one seemed to like it. A “tri-colored
nickelodeon,” said Car and Driver.

All SC/Ramblers started as appliance-white hardtops with two-tone mags, racing mirrors, blackout grille and tail panel, Hurst badging, and a real ram-air hood scoop with an up thrust snout. About 1,200 Scramblers went full “Yankee Doodle,” with broad red body sides, wild hood graphics, and a fat blue dorsal stripe. The rest made do with only simple rocker-panel striping.

With ETs in the low to mid-l4s, however, some unwary rivals wouldn’t have to look at the whole car. “This sort of acceleration,” said Road Test, “is going to show the Hurst emblem on the back to a few GTOs, Cobra Jets, Road Runners, and Mach 1s.”



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