Burt Reynolds And The Trans Am SE Bandit Edition.

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We mentioned recently, the new Bandit Trans Am being shown at the 2016 New York Motor show. Now the guys who build this wonderful machine, Trans Am Depot, have released a preview video for everyone to enjoy.

The Trans Am SE Bandit Edition is a limited run of 77 vehicles, celebrating the year of its release, with a supercharged 7.4L small block V-8, churning out 840 HP and a Hurst close ratio six speed manual transmission. Mr. Reynolds himself has been involved in the design and development of the car.
Pricing for the car starts around $70,000 for a basic model up to $115,000 for the bandit edition, which includes the cost of a Camaro needed for the build.

Although Pontiac stopped making vehicles in 2002, this has not stopped third-party companies building their own interpretations of classic Pontiacs.

The band edition car will feature 230 upgraded parts, including an original signature split grille design, quad square headlights, ground effects, really spoil, Snowflake wheels and all the obvious Trans Am decals, such as the ‘screaming chicken.’
Each car will be signed by Burt Reynolds himself.

Boys younger and old who were fans of the original ‘Smokey the Bandit’ films, should snap up these incredible vehicles.


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