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AUTOArt Ford Shelby GT350R Model

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By Dave Ashton

While doing the usual endless amounts of scrolling on Facebook, I came across what I initially thought were unusual photos of a Ford Shelby GT350R. Strange, they looked just like a model. And that’s exactly what they were. An extremely detailed model of a Ford Shelby GT350R shot from multiple angles.

There are of course loads of scale models out there of Fords and other vehicles, but the list gets far smaller when you want something ultra detailed. This seems to be the case with the AUTOArt series of cars from which the GT350R images came from.

A quick online search later and I found the AUTOArt websites, listing all the scale models they produce. When it comes to muscle cars, they only have Fords and Chevys, with one Australian Chrysler Charger E49, A ‘Mad Max’ Ford XB Falcon, one 1967 Shelby and a few Hennessy Venoms. Plenty of other European makes, if that’s your thing.


Sticking with the model photographed by Jessie V. Johal, the AutoArt webpage for the GT350R says the model is a composite die cast and weighs 1kg, pretty heavyweight in itself for a scale model. There are loads of close-up shots of each model and it’s clear AUTOArt have done a very good job in the detailing. If you wasn’t for some small giveaway model like details, you’d almost swear it was the real thing from the exterior shots.


The interior also looks fantastic. The dash, console and pedals are there. Not a generic lump of plastic, actually looking like a scaled-down versions of the real thing. Same for the engine bay. The engine itself, looks like…well, a Ford engine bay. Probably as detailed as you can get without building a mini working engine in their for the price. The trunk even has carpeting, very nice.


And that comes onto the crux of the matter. How much are these things? The red GT350R as shown here comes in at $190. There are a few other models on the website a bit more expensive, but the average price seems to be around $180. Not cheap for a scale model, but if you factor in these are some of the most detailed versions around, then they are definitely worth the money. There doesn’t seem to be any custom options, so you buy what you see, but there’s enough models on the website to get a near ideal vehicle.

There’s obviously nothing like owning the real thing, but a nice second-best is having a very detailed version model. Plus, they cost less to maintain.

AUTOArt’s Ford page

Thank you to Jessie V. Johal for his fine pics of the GT350R.

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