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Are All Old Cars Classics?

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By Mark Weisseg

I know three things for sure and if you will indulge me I believe it might enlighten you as well.
Eggs are oval for a very good reason. ( no explanation needed if you think about it)
If we lose our sun or moon we are doomed. ( remember people fight over a TV on Black Friday, what will they do if food becomes a shortage)
Elvis is very dead. ( I know this because I happen to know the woman who found him dead that terrible afternoon).

The other thing I know is we are a group of people that love our classic cars. We see other cars that may not fit our needs but we understand why someone would love a 70 Nova.

This brings me to the Stutz in the above picture. It’s number one and was driven by Elvis the night he died. You see, Stutz took a Pontiac Gran Prix and then added their own bells and whistles to make the car a standout. It was not a powerhouse under hood but it was a standout as a classic. I mean you see very few Stutz’s of the 1970’s at a car show.

Why? Well, they did not make many which drives up there value. Remember, rarity always drives money. If you have one of 17 built Yenko Chevys you have your retirement fund sitting in your garage. Our classics do not all need to be high powered machines that can go from zero to sixty in under five seconds. A classic is a classic whether it is a car, truck or a wooden boat. I say that with some authority because I have very old telephones, parking meters and other such objects that are classics. They do not fit into a standard class but rather they rare and hence are classics.

The Stutz was not made to go super fast. If the King wanted to go fast he wheeled out his black Dino and that satisfied his urge for speed. If you ever get to Graceland you can see this car as well as many other cars and bikes Elvis owned. Golf carts, snowmobiles converted to race around the grounds whether they had snow or not. Elvis gave away more Cadillacs, Lincolns, pick up trucks, limo’s, tour buses, Triumphs, as well as horses, houses, educations, and jewelry that one can imagine. He was just an unbelievable generous person.

In closing, be careful not to call our standards the classics and leave out other vehicles that are just as much as a classic as a 1968 Z28.

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