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A Shining Star is Born: A Hotrod Beauty

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By Mark Weisseg

Here is an example of a classic fast muscle car anyone would be thrilled to own let alone drive.

I studied this car and noticed it was shaved ( note no door handles) and that process is very popular today. How cool not to have big clumsy door handles. This ride has electric doors. I have a friend that has a hot rod that he bought from a very reputable dealer and it has the shaved sides as well. The doors open a bit slower than maybe we are all accustomed to but it’s a great feature to add on. This car also has been chopped or lowered as some may say. Meaning the top of the car or roof has been lowered to give it a different look.

The bright yellow paint and the chrome wheels clearly make the exterior inviting. I did not get a chance to see the interior but I would imagine if the owner dropped this much money on the body he or she made the interior very nice. Some may say this is a niche car but I would argue that point.
A niche car would be if you took this car and added flames, stripes, side pipes and such. Then the car clearly becomes very different and may have a chance that only the owner likes it.

Presentation is everything and this classic certainly changed the original look of the car but who ever built this ride made it beautiful.
I wish I knew what the power plant was as I would guess it has some sort of crate engine under the boot. Again, hats off to the builder and owner of this classic.
It is a moving art piece and reflects quality and taste for our hobby. I say that because at our local show we have a guy that shows up every week in his Dodge Rampage.
Go look that up on Google and you will see a terrible vehicle. Just terrible. But his guy runs around town in his Rampage and brags he goes to the local show every Friday night. The car is a mess and he looks like he lives in a card board box. That’s his business of course but I am making a comparison here. Which would you rather have represent your show every week? Case closed. Next.

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