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Beaumont Muscle: A GM Car, But Not As We Know It.

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Beaumont cars were produced by GM of Canada between 1966 and 1969, originally being a trim level version of the Acadian line of cars, becoming its own brand by 1966. By 1970, GM Canada offered the Chevelle and Pontiac Le Mans as per the US versions, thus ending Beaumont.

As certain American-made cars were prohibited for sale in Canada by the Auto Pact (APTA), these Canadian versions of American muscle are comparable to their American counterparts as part were borrowed from the GM line.
Dash panels and wheel covers from Pontiacs, powerplants, sheet metal, hubcaps and rally wheels from the Chevelle, which Beaumont’s resemble the most.
Basically, Beaumonts were a Chevelle with slightly different styling, with nods to Pontiac and Buick’s elegance. Most were sold through Pontiac dealerships.

These weren’t just thrown together copies of their American counterparts, Beaumonts like the ‘SD – Sports Deluxe’ was a Chevelle SS with just as potent a SD396 with its 396cu. engine and the same level of trim.
The Beaumont cars included a base model, custom, deluxe and the SD series. The sports option upgraded you from a column mounted shifter to a full center console.
Engines ranged from a 194cu. inline 6 to the rarest 396cu. or even a Super Econoflame 327 V8, 275 hp (All Beaumont engines started with the word ‘Econo’), With 2 and 3 speed automatics and 3 and 4 speed manuals.
The range also followed Chevelles with coupes, sedans, station wagons, convertibles and hard tops usually found with the optional vinyl top.
These A bodied cars also featured full coil suspension, optional power front disc brakes and a Positronic rear axle available in the V8 models.

Their level of rarity can come down to the wetter Canadian climber and lower sales numbers than their equivalent Chevelles, which is probably why you don’t see that many and precious little in North America.

Beaumont’s were also sold in Chile and Porto Rico from their Canadian inventory.

They may be overshadowed by their American contemporaries, but the Beaumont still stand up in muscle car history as alternatives to their American cousins.



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1967 Beaumont SD Super Deluxe 396 Convertible

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