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Pontiac Grand Prix Coolness

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By Mark Weisseg

Let us not forget that the Grand Prix was once a great car.
Produced between 1962–2008, the model went through seven generations of design until the Pontiac brand demise.

You could buy this car with very standard engines and options but I have two favorites that stand out. They offered swivel bucket seats that turned towards the door making it easier in or out. The ladies seem to really like that option. But, hands down my favorite option was the monster 454 engine you could order. Not that the car would do 0-60 in four seconds but it sure put some power at the rear wheels.

These of course were rear wheel drive, bucket seat models and the LJ model was a top choice. They all had a distinctive nose up front on the hood and all the cars rode very well.
Lots of choices in color combinations and I recall my favorite was a dark green with a black interior. That set up for me was the best. Console shifter, nice radio, air conditioning, sport wheels and much more. Think of it as a luxury sports car. Plenty of power and a great ride. Most folks chose a 301 or a 350 engine but a few opted for the big beast under the hood. They are very collectible today. Not to be deemed as a classic muscle cars, but certainly a classic car with lots of style.

The downside is I do not see many on the roads or at the shows and this is a car that was a winner. But by today’s standards of a classic fast muscle car, it falls very short. I remember the tilt wheel, all the gauge packages and just the beauty of the entire car.

I hope if you stumble on to one not restored you can appreciate its beauty.
This was a really good car back in its day and certainly worthy of a restoration back to its glory if you find the right candidate.

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