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A 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Convertible for Sale

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By Dave Ashton

One recent chunk of news that has got Dodge Demon fans a touch more excited than usual is the emergence of a convertible version, which is currently for sale. At first we thought, is this one of the 3300 that we have missed and went under the radar as a convertible? Nope, this is a Professional conversion done by Droptop Customs, High Springs, Florida.

Nevertheless, chopping the top off an 840HP, limited edition monster is a bold move, but the results do look very tasty. The car is currently on its second owner and currently on sale at Cape Coral for $145,995.

The conversion was said to be done with strategic reinforcements of the body, adding extra metal where it counted to improve the stability with a lack of roof and to handle all that horsepower. Things like the frame rails were reinforced, with metal all-round to counter any chassis twist, supports to the trunk front edge, shock towers being reinforced and the long doors made structurally tougher. In other words, all the structural integrity should be just as good as when the top was originally fitted.


Many other aspects of the car have had additional metal inserted for strength, which has allowed the three layer top to be seamlessly fitted with manual latches, hydraulic motor and even a heated rear window. For safety’s sake, the top should be raised and lowered while the car is stationary and takes roughly 20 seconds to lock into place. The mechanical side of the car seems to be stock, with only 172 miles on the clock, but the listing doesn’t say if it comes with the Demon crate or not.

Obviously the asking price is on the high end of what is currently being asked for a Demon, but we’re guessing that’s including the conversion work and its special one-of-a-kind nature. In any case, this is a very interesting build and although it’s not an all factory original, it is currently the only convertible Dodge Demon and definitely comes with individual bragging rights.


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