Final thoughts from SEMA 2016

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By Mark Weisseg

On returning home from the incredible SEMA show in Las Vegas, I gave myself time to unwind and think about the amazing sights and sounds from the whole sho.

I enjoyed meeting people from around the world. I enjoyed finding new products, looking at tried and true products and hopefully I came away smarter.
You see I am a muscle car guy. I am also a antique car and truck person and love our industry. It’s all I know it seems. My vehicles minus one are in storage for the winter ( more on that later) and I am preparing for a positive 2017. SEMA made me think about how small products and services became huge successes.

It also made me think about all the failures that tried so hard to succeed. I hope the ones that did not make it, try again.
I saw cars that were beautiful. They came from no where in most cases. Other than the number one Camaro, all of them were restored using products and services seen at SEMA. From engine hoists, to hand tools, and much, much more.

The lesson was to never give up. So many there worked so hard to get where they are today. When I met Richard Rawlings and his best friend Dennis I said the following to both men, “you guys are a American success story”. Both nodded in agreement. If you study what Richard, Dennis and Aaron did to get where they are, you will see a story of very hard work. More than that you can imagine they had a dream and the dream has come true. Now, they work just as hard to stay where they are. They are not sitting around counting money and resting on there successes. So, my message is the same. Get a dream, plan your dream, and work your dream. You just might realize it. Now, Go!

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