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The Amazing Hot Rod Trucks of SEMA 2016

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By Mark Weisseg

Scoff all you want. I know we are Fast muscle cars people but obviously the best selling vehicle in the US for the last 33 years has been a truck.

The incredible trucks
So, SEMA being as smart as they are includes trucks in the event. And not just one or two for the sake of the show but dozens and dozens. We saw rows and rows.

Now, most of the trucks we saw were newer trucks. One was a Shelby truck with over 700 hp. One truck that was at one of the entrances was a hand painted truck saluting our veterans. That was a show stopper.
But, like any good display, SEMA has something for everyone. We saw older trucks inside that were originals from the 30’s through the 70’s and beyond. The ideas were everywhere.

How to raise and lower your rig, better horsepower and torque. Far better lighting and my favorite- better fuel Milage. My Dodge Ram at home with its Hemi averages about 12 miles per gallon in our hilly terrain. I saw first hand how to bump that number up to a minimum of 15 mpg. That will open anyone’s eyes.


The trucks we saw at SEMA were the best of the best. For example the blue truck pictured was like a blue tinted mirror. The picture does it no justice. It was by far the most beautiful paint job there on a truck. Now, why so much love for the trucks?

Tons of reasons but we found out through many conversations it came down to- towing, comfort, looks and hauling. Many people told us they tow a boat or better yet they tow a trailer with the trailer queen cars at times. Of course hauling a load of wood or mulch was important too. But paint was not the only cool thing on the trucks. Wraps were everywhere. It is a hot item right now.

Wrap your car or truck for an inexpensive upgrade. First, it hides scratches and blemishes, second some of the wraps are out of this world cool, and lastly you can remove the wrap easily if you change your mind. So, hot rod trucks were everywhere.


Gas and Diesel engines. Now, hybrid engines to improve fuel economy. There is no shortage of brain power at work across the world on all topics. We noticed name badges and countries from all across the free world. There are no barriers when you love the same thing. Sometimes languages get a bit dicey but when you love a vehicle and so does a guy from Denmark you have the first step toward commonality. It’s like a cruise ship. Out 5,000 people on a seven day cruise and everyone gets along. But, put them back on land and bad habits erupt again.

I got a big kick out of the folks from overseas. They don’t drive trucks like we do in the states so they were fascinated by the lifts, tires, lights, and engines. The show provided purpose for all of us to better understand people we never see or talk too. I loved watching and talking to people from lands I have never been too. If nothing else, the truck world does bring everybody together.

Next time,the misc items from SEMA to wrap it all up.



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