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Muscle Car Talk: Hack City USA

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, hack city. We have all seen someone butcher a perfectly good car and wondered why turn a great looking car into Frankenstein.

Now the car in this picture looks pretty beat up but one must ask why did this person make this worse?
For the amount of time and energy it took to do this years ago this guy would have been better off cutting grass for a living. Everyone of us saw butcher jobs like this in the past and what really bothers me now is it is still going on.
I see cars at the car shows that someone hacked to death and they are proud of their work. I will take a picture this year of a local guy that took a Dodge Rampage truck and butchered it to death. The truck was bad enough to begin with but this bozo made it worse and he is proud of his work.

Just like the car in the picture. Can you imagine what the engine must look like or the wiring? I sure wish there would have been an intervention on this dude years ago as he ruined this car. Who the heck would want to be seen in this beast. Gosh, I would wear a paper bag over my head if I was riding in this with a t shirt that said ” I am with stupid” and a arrow pointing toward the driver.

The point here is that no matter what shape you find a classic muscle car, it can be slowly restored a beautiful again.
Some are not giving any thought, but the main reason for these hacked jobs is usually a ‘quick fix’. It seems cost-effective at the time, but generally it just makes the car worse.

The takeaway here is to take on a car that you can see through to the end, if possible. Plan your up grades. if they are too costly at the moment, save up.
it may take years, but the effort will be worth it as you don’t want to monstrosity like this car.

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